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Moving RailCrews

Currently RailCrewXpress operates in the United States in 22 Midwestern states with approximately 122 locations and we are still growing.

RailCrewXpress is a transporter of rail road crew members. We provide efficient and safe transportation to engineers, conductors, repair crews, maintenance crews and other crew members of the railroad industry between a variety of points within our areas of operation.

These points may be within an assigned rail yard, within a close proximity of the rail yard or within an area that may encompass up to 200 to 300 miles in any direction and back again. Our primary purpose is to provide safe transportation to the members of rail crews where ever they are needed or where ever they need to go to keep the railroads going. The transportation service we provide is vital to the operation of the railways it contracts with and we take pride in our commitment to provide this service.


  • Area/Location Safety Advisor
    • Lincoln, NE
    • Oklahoma City, OK
    • Western Nebraska
  • Dispatch - Dispatcher Job Description
    • Lenexa, KS

    Resumes should be emailed to or faxed to 913-928-5072.

    Applying Online

    Thank you for your interest in RailCrewXpress. We are happy to provide you with an online means to electronically file an application with us.

    We employee approximately 2200 drivers throughout the Midwest who operate close to 1000 vans providing safe transportation to the railroad industry.

    Basic Requirements:

    • Must be 21 years or older
    • Full and part time openings. Days or nights
    • No felonies, drug testing is mandatory
    • Must have clear MVR for previous 7 years


    Injury Report and ADR Discloure - Texas Locations
    ADR Disclosure

    Current Locations Where RCX Operates

    To view our locations please visit this link, Enter Your Zip in Upper Right Corner

    • Preferably live within a 20-25 minute distance of location
    • Minimum age of 21
    • Current valid state issue driver's license
    • No active warrants or undisposed (pending) charges
    • No felony convictions in the past 7 yr
    • No release from incarceration within last 5 yr
    • No more than 2 non-violent misdemeanors in the last 7 yr
    • No drug or alcohol charges or convictions within last 7 yr
    • No more than 1 preventable accident in the last 3 yr
    • No more than 1 moving violation within the last 3 yr
    • No careless/ reckless driving convictions in the last 3 yr
    • HS Diploma or GED
    • FT-on call availability up to 5-6 days a week

    While on call, need to be available for 24 hours