Regional Manager Job Description


The Regional Manager is the primary supervisor at all van hub locations. This position's two principle responsibilities are the effective and timely hiring and training and coaching of drivers in their safe operations of their assigned vehicles, and ensuring the timely and proper maintenance of location vehicles.

Reporting Responsibility

This position reports directly to the Division Manager within a Region.

Direct Reports

The LPD (Lead Professional Driver) reports directly to the Regional Manager in a non MPV location.

The PDs Yard and PDs Road report directly to the Regional Manager in a non MPV location.

The PDS' report directly to the Regional Manager in MPV locations. In an MPV location, all administrative, payroll and disciplinary issues for all employees including long haul road PD's, yard PD's and MPV PD's Lead PD's are handled by the Regional Manager.


How to Apply

Currently all Regional Manager Positions are currently filled.

Specific Duties

People Management

  • Conducts Job Fairs, recruits PD's LPD's and PDS's as well as identifies and hires or promotes personnel to the Lead Driver and PDS positions.
  • Handles all disciplinary actions at all Locations in the defined Area.
  • Ensures employees are trained in the proper procedures for handling their specific jobs, utilizing both Professional Driver Coaches and PDS's to accomplish this.
    • Using the Professional Driver Orientation and Training Program.
  • Builds and manages all PD work schedules and days off.
    • Creates extra boards in MPV locations.
    • Ensures days off do not impact client operations in non MPV locations.
  • Controls and submits to Operations department all non-revenue payroll adjustments.
  • Manages and controls to ensures all vehicle maintenance is carried out properly on a timely basis, usually through the LPD.
  • Conducts regular driver observations to ensure proper procedures are followed by all employees within AM's span of control, including:
    • GOAL program
    • Ride Alongs
    • Shift fulfillment
    • Vehicle Inspections
    • Starter activities
    • Yard procedures
  • Manages and controls the use of spare vans, assigns keys and cell phones and fuel cards.
    • In MPV locations, this activity is performed through the PDS's.
  • To prevent misuse, distributes confidential fuel PINs directly to drivers with no intervention.
  • Monitors and coordinates the cleaning of vans as needed, usually through LPD and PDS's.
  • Manages pre-trip inspections and vehicle repairs through the LPD.
  • Facilitates the planned preventive maintenance of all MPV vans with minimal disruption of operations.
  • Manages driver schedules and ensures shifts are filled.
    • Provides PDS's with a list of secondary drivers to call in event of no shows.
  • Ensures drivers do not violate hours of service limitations.

Employee Training/Coaching

  • Conducts all new professional driver orientation training on day 1, and where geographically appropriate, days 2-3 also utilizing the LPD and the PDS's.
  • Conducts or arranges for Days 2 and 3 of new professional drivers training to be completed and documented by area professional driver coaches (PDC's) from smaller hubs.
  • Provides ongoing mentoring to new driver's through their 90-day probationary period.
  • Provides ongoing mentoring and coaching to ALL drivers throughout their employment in the trainer's respective area's of responsibility.
  • Acts as Safety Meeting administrator (monthly safety meetings) as needed.
  • Meets with and oversees training activities of the area's PDC's (Hub Coaches).
  • Completes requested and required reports on training activities. (Non-Revenue paperwork, safety meeting attendance sheets).
  • Monitors the safe driving performance of new drivers for their first 90-days to ensure that the drivers are successfully released from introductory status.
  • Ensures proper vehicle supplies are maintained on hand at each location, such as supplies, for both administrative needs, van cleaning and maintenance (i.e: oil & washer fluid).
  • Develop and maintain a working relationship with the client at local level.



Knowledge generally acquired through a minimum of two years of supervisory experience in any type of business.


High school education.

Knowledge, skills and abilities

  • Demonstrate ability and temperament to work with details and time pressure.
  • Demonstrate interpersonal skills to communicate with others and to effectively and clearly vocally communicate via radio and telephone.
  • Demonstrate attention to detail and decision-making skills to respond to high-pressure situations.
  • Demonstrate time management skills to plan, manage, and coordinate the dispatch of multiple people over a sustained period of time.
  • Needs to be organized and detail oriented with a professional attitude.
  • Needs basic knowledge and skills in the operation of a computer.
  • Meets the physical requirements as set forth in the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Regulations (FMCSR's) Section 341.14. (special circumstance of non compliance with FMCSR standards requires pre-hire approval at VP level).